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The Future Agri-Tech Hub: Agri-Food Innovation Park

To catalyse innovation in Singapore’s agri-tech ecosystem, the Government announced the establishment of an Agri-Food Innovation Park (AFIP) in 2019.

As a pilot cluster, the AFIP will bring together high-tech farming and associated R&D activities across urban agriculture and aquaculture, and serve as a better base to attract companies, R&D talent and investment to Singapore. The AFIP will be located within the Greater Sungei Kadut area, forming part of a larger Northern Agri-Tech and Food Corridor with food-related industries.

You can discover synergies and tap complementary strengths in like-minded players for high-tech farming and R&D activities, such as in insect farming and animal feed production at the AFIP. The park will open in phases from the second quarter of 2021.

Read the full article below.

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