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Founder Talks: Leading Like Penguins

We chat with Sabra Genesis' founder Asaf Amedi and get his real take on leadership.

I recently visited our feathered friends at the re-located Bird Paradise by Mandai Wildlife Reserve and was amazed by the efforts and resources invested in creating a bird paradise. One of the highlights for me was without a doubt the penguins. Among all wildlife, penguins have quietly earned their spot as my personal symbol of leadership, and dressed for success with their cool tuxedos.

Here’s why.

🐟 I admire leaders who lead by example. Penguins excel at this, they are exceptional divers and skilled hunters. When one penguin bravely dives into the icy ocean to find food, others follow, inspired by this action-driven leadership. It reminds us that leadership is not just about giving orders, but about demonstrating the way forward through actions. 🐟 Penguins are masters of teamwork, especially in the harsh cold. They huddle, taking turns on the outer edge to keep everyone warm, uniting a team towards a shared goal, which I personally believe is a key aspect of leadership. 🐟 Penguins showcase remarkable adaptability, and despite being flightless, have evolved into agile swimmers. They teach us that leaders must be open to change, acquire new skills, and adjust to evolving circumstances. My mantra has always been to adapt my leadership style to fit the situation. 🐟 Penguins never give up. They keep going, even in tough conditions, to find food and care for their young. Echoing this, the pillar of my leadership has always been to persevere and never give up when faced with challenges. 🐟 Penguins use special calls to find their family in a crowded colony. It highlights the importance of clear and effective communication in leadership, ensuring everyone understands each other. This is exceptionally essential for me being an initially foreign and now local resident in this little red dot. 🐟 Penguins continuously learn and adapt in their environment. They use different techniques to catch food, refine their navigation skills, and learn from each other. Leaders who embrace learning and seek new knowledge inspire growth in their teams. Having been here for almost two decades, this I truly embrace. In essence, penguins encapsulate some of the most cherished leadership qualities and remind us that leadership wisdom lies everywhere, waiting to be harnessed. The next time you spot a penguin, take a moment to reflect on the leadership insights they carry with them. It is no surprise that they have won a special place in my heart as emblems of leadership, and perhaps, they will find a similar place in yours. If you are eager to dive deeper into the world of leadership, join our engaging masterclasses. Discover global insights and gain practical knowledge from real-life examples in the business world. Enhance your leadership skills today with industry-leading engagement and training through personalised bite-sized masterclasses ideal for start-ups, early-stage businesses, educational and training institutions, and individuals. View more here.

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