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The Biotech Behind Chitose x Cameron Highlands

Agriculture is not just simply the growing of crops. It is the untiring effort to protect and coexist with the microbes that live in the soil and the environment surrounding the crops.

The Chitose Group has scientifically defined wholesome soil derived from the unique Japanese perspective of microbes. There is a common understanding among artisanal farmers that, cultivation of vegetables is dependent on cultivation of the soil, now made possible in Malaysia with biotechnology techniques.

Despite being located in the tropical region, the climate of Cameron Highlands throughout the year, which changes from the day where sunlight is strong and the temperature is around 23°C to the night where temperature is around 15°C, produces very sweet produce. The sugar produced under the strong sunlight during the day is stored in the evening, and the sugar produced accumulates without being consumed during respiration at night due to the low temperature and this results in extremely sweet produce.

Now available in Singapore, we are definitely privileged.

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