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8 Urban Farms In Singapore For Locally-Grown Vegetables Of High Quality

You might not think of our little red dot as suitable for farming at all, but there are actually quite a number of urban farms scattered across our concrete jungle. Many of these places grow pesticide-free and organic veggies, and some even give tours and workshops so you can learn how their produce is grown.

1. Artisan Green – indoor farm using hydroponics

2. Pacific Agro Farm – shop for produce online

3. Bollywood Veggies – with culinary school, museum and farm-to-table bistro

4. Sky Greens – world’s first low carbon vertical farm with 9M shelves

5. Citizen Farm – hires those with intellectual disabilities 6. Hydro Urban – pesticide-free farming

7. Comcrop – organic rooftop farm 8. Quan Fa Organic Farm – Japanese pesticide-free farming technique with no GMOs

Read the full article below.

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